Can I show the number of items in a dynamic list?

I want to show a popup with all the messages in a dynamic list (sometimes 1, 2 or even 3 messages, sometimes no messages at all, …).

On the image link to open this popup I want to show how many messages are available (and even hide the link if there are no messages ?).

Can I get the number of messages (= the number of items in a dynamic list) automaticaly ?

Hi, no, not at the moment.

It goes with a few features commonly asked for such as a way to manually sort collections items, or have a pager element.

I’m going to add a note to this feature request: and you can join and vote for it. Or add a totally new feature request if you feel like it.

I’m adding a proper feature request post because I suddenly see tons of possible use for such a feature.

Writing it I realized that this would have to work differently from how the CMS currently work, as this information should be retrieved to be used outside of a Dynamic List—because anything put in a DL is repeated—but in conjunction with it—because it should take into account the filtering of the list it goes with.

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