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Can I set up a dynamic list to get data from multiple collections?

I want to have a few collections, eg, article, stories, videos etc…
Can I have a dynamic list that retrieves data from all of them?

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Yes, you can by using one collection for all of them. Then you add an option menu to specify the type of post.

Hi. Can you please explain a little more? I’m new to this CMS stuff and am not sure what you mean. Thanks and G-d Bless

That means you create a collection called “Post” to contain (article, stories, videos). In the collection settings, you have an option field to specify the type of post (article, story, video).

I created a collection called “all Posts”, made three multi-reference fields for each of the thrre collections I want. The I created a new post under the “all Posts” collection and included all the articles books and stories manually in each of the three fields. But that doesn’t work. I tried linking an element to the all posts collection and it only gave one result - the post I created under “all posts”.
What am I doing wrong?

No, I’m saying no more separate collections. Just one.

Ok. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I did that at first, but then I saw it was getting too disorganized, as my client has various items ranging from health articles, children’s stories, health books, spiritual essays, health products and more in the future. If I place all those things in one collection and give each one a label with the option field, then it will become a big mess, as I will have a huge collection of completely different items all mixed up together…

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