Can I replace " - " with " / " in slug


In my resources page I have 2 main topic 1. Blog and 2. Success stories. And I have multiple blogs and success stories pages link under it. But when I create slug (www.mywebsite/success-stories/my-stories-topic-1) like this it change to (www.mywebsite/success-stories-my-stories-topic-1) it replace " / " between “success-stories/my-stories” with " - ",

I want to use " / " in my slug to separate topic and slug area. Is there any way to use " / " in slug.

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@OnlineSales - it sounds like you should just make two collections, one for blog located at /blog and one for success stories located at /success-stories. Each item in each collection will start with the respective category slug (/blog, /success-stories) followed by /item-slug.


Hey OS, I think this might be what you’re trying to do;


Where you have two collections, e.g. /blogs/ and /articles/.
The answer is no, Webflow does not natively support URL mapping like this.

However if you want to get really creative, you can create a solution like this by using URL rewrites and 404 redirects. Have a look at my reply here for reference.