Can I print a packing slip

I don’t see how to print a packing slip to enclose with orders I’m sending. Is it possible? It’s a basic ecommerce function and absolutely necessary [especially when sending gift orders]. I’m new to Webflow and can’t find this function. Surely it exists? Help!

Hi - I have a similar question (and surprised this did not have a response). It does seem reasonable that a quick packing slip option would be available to print in the order page.

This seems to be a fundamental requirement as part of the fulfillment workflow.

Any solutions or options?

Thanks in adavance.

I believe it’s possible with Shippo - I have a client that uses Shippo for shipping labels and packing slips. Direct integration between Shippo and Webflow.

Thanks SoCal-Marcel - that is a potential workaround (but requires us to use Shippo. Not ideal).

Asked another way, is there any method within Webflow (e.g. using default tools or features) that allow you to simply print a “pick list”, “packing slip”, or “itemized product list” ?

Again, it almost seems surreal this is not available within Webflow (they do have the ability to track and store shipping information … so there is implicit recognition some shipping related tasks are need. So, why not the equally critical step prior to shipping - pick and pack ??).

A very simple form tool or minimal itemized list option should be a no brainer. This is very helpful for two practical reasons:

  1. Facilitates the pick and pack process - which helps accuracy and efficiency on the business side.
  2. Documents packing contents and order confirmation - which helps confidence and context for the items shipped on the consumer side.

Baffled why this fundamental (and easy) option does not exist… cause it should. The logical next “options” … a set of check boxes to include a) price (if a gift) and / or b) product image.