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Can I migrate content within Webflow?

Hi there!

Do you know if I can migrate content I made in webflow to another project in webflow?


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@mrtowers actual blocks (headings, divs etc) or blog posts? Divs and other stuff, yes, simply copy & paste into an other project from the designer and that adds all your content into the new project. For blog posts, I suppose you could manually copy & paste as well.

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks @sarahfrison this at the begging this sounded too good to be true and well I was very skeptical it would work, but it does!

To your point to blog-posts, no, nothing that is CMS related will transfer over. I had to re-create all my database from scratch. Well, better than nothing I guess.

@mrtowers yay! Glad to hear you were able to make most of it pretty easy :slight_smile: