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Can i make an Dictionary of Glossary with a Collection?

I need to build a Dictionary, like:

My question, is this possible with collections?

This is my start!

Yes, and they probably make it using CMS.

On your reference page, you have a 4 tabs Tab element with a collection list pr tab.

You have many ways to sort the content of the tabs. You can have an option field for entries, where you specify in what tab they’ll be put, then use that to filter your lists.

Thanks Vincent,

I was hoping to find a solution to work with the whole alfabet, but with the maximum of 20 collections that is not possible!

Or finding a solution to make “anchors” in a collection would be great!

Can you develop that idea?

No, i can’t Vincent!

You can still create a text field with an anchor name and set it for the first item starting with one of the letter of the alphabet, then use it to add an anchor in the list with custom code. They have a A B C D… static menu linking to each letter anchor.

Vincent, how much does it cost to deliver me the custom code?
i can’t and i would be happy to have it!

Probably nothing.

Have you done the above in your CMS site yet? If yes, share the read-only link to me. Try to do everything minus the custom code and I’ll show you how to craft it.