Can I make a site where employees can choose their Christmas present with Webflow? Would be awesome!

Hey guys.

I have a friend who helps companies manage and deliver Christmas gifts and so on for their staff. And he would like to have a site where the staff of the different companies can go in and choose from 5 different gift options, and pick the one they would like.

Does anyone have an idea about how this could be achieved?

The process would be:

  1. They go to the url:
  2. They put in their employee ID number
  3. They choose the gift they want
  4. My friend gets the different choices from all the staff, and orders the gifts.

I would love to hear if some of you have some creative ideas to do this :smiley: Maybe with a contact form or something?

All the best,

Hey @NikolajHaugaard

I guess forms would work perfectly for this.

Here is the url of my example :

You could add a cool introduction with picture + name of the gift before the form for example.
When submitted, your client receive an email + can download a csv will all the entries.

Anyway you will need a webflow hosting if you do this.

Be sure to double check the number of form submission allowed/month

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Hey Zbrah.
Thanks for your reply and the example! I think it could be done with the form as well. I will play around with it a little bit :slight_smile:

And good point about the hosting! Thanks for the heads up!

All the best

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I can’t seem to choose between the super awesome computer and some more sense of humor… Tough choice…


I think sense of humor would be better for you @vincent



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@zbrah Update: I tried playing around with it, and I have gotten it to work now. I even managed to integrate the form submissions into a Google Sheet, so it’s awesome :smile:

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Cool @NikolajHaugaard,

Do not hesitate to share i ll love to see the final design :slight_smile:

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