Can I increase the animation speed to milliseconds?

You can ask “Why?” - I will answer:

I need an animation of the text, exactly the same as on this site: (paragraph animation)

Now I have two problems with creating this animation using webflow tools:

  1. Animation is not smooth. The text appears - the text disappears. Without smooth.
  2. The speed of the animation is slower than I would have liked. Look at the sample site, where animation is much faster. I set the maximum possible value of the animation speed (0.1) - but it’s still slow! Can I go to the values ​​in milliseconds? Please help me

On-line link

I know that the smoothness of the transition can be increased by increasing the animation time. But can this be done in other ways? Without increasing the time? Because I need everything to happen instantly

As far as I know you can use milliseconds. Just go 0.01 and try it. You can also use ease as a transition which should make it a little smoother.

Nice animation there. :+1: