Can I have a URL slug make changes to one page?

Could I have one page with URL slugs that change aspects of one page, for example
and it would redirect to my default page, with dark mode applied.

Sure, if your dark mode is switched on using cookies.

  • Build your light mode design as the foundation
  • Create the custom CSS needed to enact your dark mode design
  • In your site-wide head, you’d have a piece of JS that checks the cookie and if it’s dark mode time, enables your custom CSS **
  • On your /dark page, create that cookie and redirect
  • On your /light page, delete that cookie and redirect

** A lot of ways to do this, but keep it simple.
I’d probably use the script to add a class to the <body> element, like dark-mode, and then write your custom css based on that, e.g.

.dark-mode .nav {
  background-color: black;


Thank you for the help.
This is definitely more advanced but now I know what I need to research to make this work.