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Can I have a different link attached to Brand Link on the template pages?

Hi there!

When I click the brand link I’ve got it set to essentially reload the page, because I’ve got it set as an external link. I would rather have it set to go to the Home page from the template pages and just to scroll to top on the front page. Whenever I change it in one it changes the other. How can I put in seperate links?


Here is my public share link:

Hey @mimfox,

Your navigation is a symbol which means when you make a change to one copy of the navigation it will automatically apply those changes to all copies across your website.

You can unlink from a symbol by selecting the navigation you want to unlink and click the “Unlink from symbol” button

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sidney! Last time I built a page on webflow I think symbols weren’t a thing. I’ve just been ignoring symbols because I didn’t know what it was. Ha, that’ll teach me.

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