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Can I get one section to scroll over another?

I’m wanting to have one section fixed, and another section (with text), display over it as the user scrolls down. See below for an example:

I’ve built one section for the image (and set a height) and another section for the text. I was thinking as the user scrolled, the text would appear over it, but it’s basically following the image section and not overlapping it. Is this not possible to create? If so, can someone provide a guideline? I tried nesting the content section in the image section, but Webflow won’t let you do that. Was going to use a container, but I need the content section to span the width of the screen and be somewhat transparent.

Hi @chrisgreer33

I think what you are looking for is a jquery plugin. Check this thread out: Fullpage.js step by step set up

hope this helps :smile:

The page you linked me to has a broken link (, so I can’t see if this is the solution I’m looking for. And if I wasn’t already in over my head … js … oh boy.

I followed the directions in the link, and it seems to work OK for the first section. But when I copied the section, the second section (with the boat) doesn’t duplicate the same actions.

Hi Chris, I m trying to do the same thing as you (having a section fixed and another section going over it when scrolling).
It looks like you did it. I m new to webflow. Could you please tell me what the the trick? Did you used any code to get that result?

It sort of worked. I was able to get the first section to do what I wanted following this info (Fullpage.js step by step set up). But it only worked on the first section; couldn’t get it to replicate on other sections. I asked the Webflow guys for help, but they went radio silent so I abandoned the idea. Hope you have better luck.

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