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Can I edit after hosting with webflow if I am using starter account?

I am currently on the starter plan (free plan) creating my portfolio. It says I can host for free with Webflow. I want to know if I can make changes after it’s been published and hosted. It doesn’t have to be in editor mode, I am happy to do it on designer mode. I need clarity on if I can make changes after it is live. I don’t want to be restricted because I hosted for free using the starter plan.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi there! :wave:

First, congrats on getting ready to publish your project! That’s always super exciting!

I also just want to quickly clarify the difference between our account plans and our site plans:

Everyone needs an Account plan - as this gives access to the main Webflow Designer tool itself and the dashboard. However, you can build for free on our Free/Starter plan, and just upgrade to a paid account plan as and when you need more projects in development.

Site/Hosting plans are added on a per project basis when you need to unlock the limits, add a custom domain or enable the Editor for your clients.

If you are on our Free/Starter account plan, you can build and publish up to 2 projects on the domain. For example, if your site is named MyAwesomeSite, when you publish to the domain, it would look something like this: You can also edit your design in the Designer and republish to the domain whenever you’d like! :tada:

If you have purchased a site/hosting plan with Webflow, you can also make changes via the Designer and publish those changes whenever you wish — either to a staging domain or to your own custom domain if you have that set up.

I hope this helped to clarify things! :slight_smile: