Can I drop in large images into CMS and will Webflow resize?

I am exporting case study images for my design portfolio and I am using tiny.png to resize to an average of 500-700kb per PNG. However do I even need to do this? Can I export a large PNG at say - 1-3mb, upload to Webflow’s CMS, and will it resize accordingly for retina and web?

Really appreciate any help on this.


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It will make an image responsive, yes, creating several versions of the image, but the largest image will still be the one you put inside. If it’s too large it strays large.

So the largest image should be @2x for retina??? So if I’m exporting large image for desktop/laptop resolutions I export at @2x?

What do you mean “should be”? You can totally use regular image for retina as usual, the clarity may be lost somewhat or not depending on the size of the image exported.