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Can I do this with Webflow?

Hi! I would like to know if I can do the following with Webflow:

I need to set up a page for people to put their postal code, retrieve certain results depending on what they put and let them vote within the results they get. Followed by a way for me to see those results.

I would like to understand what I technically need to play with, whether I have to do it with a site search and how could I upload a list of the results with the different postal codes (not sure if I have to work with the CMS or I could for example upload a XLS).

Any help is beyond appreciated it! :slight_smile: Have a nice one everyone!

You should be able to do that using a collection with a field either hidden or visible that contains relevant zip codes. You won’t be able to limit the search terms to zip codes but the viewer shouldn’t know. You can then import a csv with the info if you’d like. I do believe you can set a search to only search certain collections but I’m not sure.