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Can I do it on webflow? Split view with static and scrollable section

Hi guys, Do you think it’s possible to create a similar website as on webflow?

I’m referring to the static Phone frame that shows different content inside when scrolling.


I couldn’t find it… May you please share a screen of what you are reffering to. Thanks! :wink:

Sure Vladimir here you go, I hope it makes sense to you. Thanks! <img src="//" width=“595” height="500

To replicate that exactly you would have to use custom code.

You could get it to look and function fairly close with interactions.

It as a similar scroll style to my site

Two columns, both with fixed positioning and a height of 100%. Left column set overflow to hidden and on the right column set overflow to scrolling.

Quick-and-dirty example:

Thanks guys, this is really helpful. I have another question regarding the transition. I want the content on the left to transition when I scroll to a specific section, How do I do that?

If you want it to continue scrolling, make it absolute as opposed to fixed, and it will scroll up once you reach the bottom of the scrolling column.

If you want it to switch to a different graphic, add a transition on scroll-in of the next right-hand column that triggers your left-hand column to fade out and go to display:none, so you can just position a series of fixed left-hand columns underneath each other.

Thanks Cricitem! I will try it out. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

You guys rock! Thanks a lot!

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