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Can I create word clouds in webflow?


I’m quite new o using webflow.
A client has asked for a word cloud on there website due to SEO (Search engine optimisation) purposes.
Is there a way it can be done?


Hello @Ashleygraphics17

Yes you can create this on Webflow, the implementation would require some work but definitely could be done.

Ok Thanks. is there anyway you can point me in the right direction regarding what tools to use e.g flex box etc

Hi there,

Before you start putting in that work, I would make sure the word cloud is actually good for SEO.

I´m absolutely no expert, but perhaps Google wouldn´t like it if it just saw a bunch of keywords on your site.

It might even have a negative impact on SEO.

Can anyone else help clarify this? Do let me know if I am incorrect!

But it might save you all that work!! :slight_smile:

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ok thanks for advice will give it a try

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