Can I create this with Webflow?

Just saw the BOSE site today ( and I was wondering this something like that was possible to achieve on webflow?

I am looking to create something similar as my hero header but I’m still sort of a newbie when it comes to executing something like this. If this is possble, would someone be kind enough to perhaps share a very brief, simple walkthrough?

Thank You/

Do you mean the whole Bose site or just the Startpage and the cool navigation system?

If the navigation system I would say yes, its an interaction setup on click with lots of CSS changes happening in a chain when an element is clicked.

Advanced but doable.

If you mean the navigation, I tried to do similar on webflow. It happened… something like that)


how did you make a sideways div box?


It’s 4 identical div blocks. They differ only in color.

I see now. Thank you for sharing.

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