Can I create this UI design in Webflow


Is it possible to create a UI design like in this video?


Yes, you can.
Navigating aroound whiule the video is still playing is actually easier than to control the playback of the video when it’s visible or not.
Here, the key point is having everything designed and organized inside of a single page.
When you think about it, the part with the images on the bottom, each having a content to display, is a Tabs component. And the upper links also are some kind of Tabs element.
So with a mix of Webflow elements and Interaction, you should be able to achieve what you want.
The links above, when clicked, could each have an interaction saying: hide the bottom tabs content element, hide the panels of all upper links (that’s to reset everything) then show the panel associated with the clicked link. IX on the tabs at the bottom would hide the upper panels then show the tabs content element.

What you show is complex enough for it to be built in a million different ways. I’m just hinting to the general logic.

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Thank you, Vincent. I understand your answer in general logic. I haven’t started my journey learning Webflow, so I can’t take your answer and go build it. I am looking at the University and will start my journey soon. Do you have a suggestion as to the order I should go through the courses to learn how to build this UI?

My advice is learn the basics of CSS and HTML. You’ll need it to build advanced layouts, to master Position, and to understand web concepts such as the box model. And Webflow university at the same time.

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Your guidance is greatly appreciated. It is extremely helpful for me. Thank you so much.

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