Can I create Foxycart checkout, cart and side carts in Webflow?

I’m slowly building up my site in Webflow and am likely going to use foxycart for my Ecommerce, but gosh its default checkout and cart is pretty dated and ugly. The documentation says I can customise it, but not being a developer their documentation tends to go a bit over my head. Can I make the foxycart checkout, cart page and side carts look the way I want using Webflow?


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Hey Alex!

You need to style the cart using custom code. You can not use the webflow editor for this.


Can I do the design within Webflow and then output it as the necessary custom code?

Yeah you could do that! But you would need some basic Html and css knowledge to make it work.

Hi @Alexander_MacIntyre.
Josh from Foxy here. Styling the Foxy templates (sidecart, full page cart, checkout, and web receipt) requires adding custom CSS in your Foxy Configuration Settings.

That said, we have instructions for adding a custom header/footer to your Foxy templates in Webflow: Add a custom header and footer to your Foxy templates in Webflow |

For more experienced users, it’s possible to design your templates in Webflow. And finally, we’ve got new templates coming later this year that work with the Lumo theme editor so customizing will be much easier for no-code users.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any follow up questions. We’re happy to help:


can you please explain what you mean by “adding a custom header/footer to your Foxy templates in Webflow”?
What exactly is “Foxy templates in Webflow”, I’ve heard of CMS templates in webflow but no “Foxy templates”.

Hi @kaleem.
The info in our post is only relevant if you’re using Foxy + Webflow. To confirm though, you can take your Webflow header (navigation, links, etc.) and footer elements and wrap them around the Foxy cart section, checkout form, etc.

Here to help if you need anything at all: