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Can I create field rules in Webflow forms?

Like wufoo, is there a work-around to creating field rules?
Eg) User selects option A from Select field A. Option A changes available parameters of Select field B

If this is not possible, can anyone recommend a form builder that I can implement in webflow and easily customize the css of? I like the design of my form and I’d hate to sacrifice it to rudimentary fields with little design control :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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great question @Jono_Hislop At this time you cannot create field rules in Webflow forms. Our forms are very basic and only capture data. If you need more complex forms, using a third-party like WuFoo would be a better option.

You can also have custom code detect value changes and change the visibility of other fields. Add all the required fields on the page, then I can help you with the custom code if you contact me here.

Thanks Pixelgeek, good to know.
Do you know if its easy enough to create a basic form (with no styling) in wufoo, and then bring it into webflow and customize the style of the fields inside of webflow?

PS: I’ve always found your videos to be very helpful. You’ve got good presentation skills :slight_smile:

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Thanks for watching the videos!

As for wufoo forms, I found this for you:

Just to add, I’d recommend Jotform instead of Wufoo. I’ve used both and Jotform’s designer is really amazing. Jotform also allows you to have numerous (practically unlimited) “Columns”. I know Wufoo allows for columns as well, but you have to do it with css in the admin. It’s not as intuitive, you have to type in “two-third, one-fourth, etc”. It’s kind of annoying after a while. It works but not as easy.
Everything else is much better in Jotform. And honestly, these two are the absolute best, by far! I’ve tried them all and haven’t found a better CSS editor - than these two. Jotform is actually a full css editor you can see the css effects side by side while you adding it. There’s two panels - css is on the right and form elements sit on left. It’s pretty sweet designer for only $19/mo. Just adding an option for ya.

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