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Can I create an automated event submission app

Hello everyone,

I am new to web flow. I have an event listing website and I have app hosted on Heroku.

I thought I should combine both and webflow seems to be a good alternative for me.

Right now, what my app does is, I have a form anyone can come and post an event. I get an email saying, new event needs approval. If the content is appropriate, I click ‘go ahead’ on my email, and the event gets added to my firebase database and on the app, the event gets displayed. This app runs on REACT. So i make use of nodemailer, image resizing as the user can upload images of any size.

Can I move this app to Webflow and Zapier so that I can host the website on my one platform?

I was thinking of doing an xhr request to firebase db as I get a JSON API of my data but not sure how easy it is to integrate with web flow and create dynamic event landing pages.

Thank you,

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