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Can i create a subcategory in a tabs menu?

Hey people, i wonder if it’s possible to filter some already filtered content within a tabs menu?
Here’s what i mean:
I have a tab menu that filters content by category (cinema, tv, internet, etc.). My client asked me to create a subcategory, ‘fiction’ and ‘non-fiction’, which should be displayed under the main four categories menu.
These 2 categories should filter itens within each category, like - non-fiction cinema itens, or fiction TV itens and so on.
Is that possible? I tried to create a new tab that filters content by Tags (fic/non-fic), but i can’t seem to make them display fic/non-fic itens within the selected tab category.

this is kinda what it should look like:

any ideas?

Here’s the link to the specific page:

public share link: