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Can I create a redirect that always points to the latest item in a CMS collection?

We have a client who posts a weekly round-up. Each post in the CMS collection, of course, has a different URL.

However, I would like to have one single pretty link (i.e. that always redirects the user to the latest CMS item. This way we only have to post a single pretty link in the Instagram/Facebook page description.

Is this possible?

Here is my public share link: LINK

The easiest solution is to create a unique page using the same style as your dynamic collection page that has a collection list filtered to the most recent item within the desired collection.

If you don’t already have a “/roundup” page, you could always use that exact slug for this new page—otherwise you can add a redirect from “/roundup” to “/your-new-page” in the Project Settings :+1:

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