Can i choose where sentences cut?

Hi, i’m working on a website for a project based on a book. My client is a book editor and they are pretty picky on how the text should behave on responsive mode. In book edition there are a number of rules for typography and it’s possible to choose in a very precise way how text behave, for exemple in Adobe Indesign.

Is there a way do force text to behave in a certain way? For exemple let’s say i have the following sentence in a paragraph: I haven’t been there for 5 years. Let’s say i don’t want the words 5 and years to be on two different lines (which is a rule in book edition), can i do that? With CSS or HTML or within Webflow?

Sure. Select the words you need to ensure display in the same line, wrap them in a span, then give that span a display mode of inline-block. That will force the browser to wrap the entire phrase to the next line if it would otherwise interrupt.


… or by replacing the space between the words ‘5’ and ‘years’ with a non-breaking space (shift-space). You’ll see the effect only after de-selecting the text block.

Good luck!


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