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Can I change the Collection List Wrapper grouping?

Wondering if anybody has had to deal with this. The attached image shows a list of people that needs to be generated from a collection, all good, but the last square in the grid effect (red bordered) is not part of the collection, it will be static content on the page and needs to float left onto the last item in the group.

From what I understand of how the collections work I don’t think I can achieve this design as the Collection List Wrapper will force the red bordered div under the group. I can’t get the non-collection div to work, as shown in the design, if using a collection for the people content; it can only be achieved if the listed people content is not collection generated. Is this correct or does somebody know of a get around?


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Hello @grantsenior

Can you share your read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hi there Piter,
I have added the shared link to my post at top.
Also, I have come up with a temporary fix to the solution where I have controlled the non-collection box with absolute positioning. Can see it here
It works for the 5 collection items to start with (an odd number), but obviously not ideal once an even number of items are being delivered.

Cheers for your attention to this.

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Yea, not ideal, but it’s a solution.