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Can I change the break points to solve for tablet in landscape mode?

I have a section on my home page that appears when the user scrolls down the page. I’ve used a scroll interaction to create the effect. Since scroll effects don’t work on iOS, I’ve told Webflow to hide that section on tablet/mobile, and display a static version instead. Everything works fine except when I view it in landscape mode on my iPad. It’s displaying the desktop version with the scroll effect which doesn’t work (meaning the section never appears).

My question is this: I plan to export the site to my own host. Can I adjust the break point in the CSS so it serves a non-desktop version in tablet landscape mode? If so, what should the value be, and where would I find the CSS I need to change?


You could try (I haven’t tested this) Have the initial state of the section be in the normal visible view and have an interaction on load that movies the section off screen. This way on a desktop when you scroll down the section will slide in with the original interaction. On a tablet it will be visible because it won’t have moved off screen in the first place.

Again just a thought I haven’t tested. Anybody else have thoughts on this.

@Davidn, thanks for the suggestion.
Page load triggers seem to work in iOS, so the page load interaction hides the panel on the tablet/phone.

Anyone else have a suggestion?