Can I build this website with webflow?


I’m completely new to Webflow (but I have some experience in wordpress development). I have a website project and would like to know (1) if it can be done with Webflow from A to Z (with integrations if necessary) and (2), if this site can be developed on Webflow, with what level of difficulty: in other words, could I, as a beginner on Webflow (with a little experience on wordpress, but I don’t know how to code at all) create the following site (and in what timeframe if I spend a few hours a week on it).

The project is as follows: a fundraising website that would allow you to create an online fund to finance, for example, a birthday present, a honeymoon etc. (example: could I use webflow to create exactly the same website, with the same functionalities?).

Among the features I’m considering: (1) Creation of an account by the user (who is organizing the birthday or wedding and therefore wishes to raise funds) ; (2) I’d like to be able to customize the user’s interface from A to Z, so that he or she can, for example, create a wish list by logging into his or her account; (3) a secure fund-raising system, which would enable dozens (or hundreds) of users to participate in the fund-raising with all the usual payment methods (credit card, paypal, stripe etc.) ; (4) the possibility of setting a fund-raising target per gift, with a progress indicator for the funds raised ; (5) the possibility of sending a thank-you card on paper or by e-mail to all the users etc.

Thank you very much for your help, a detailed answer would be much appreciated!