Can I build smart filters in Webflow without using custom code? (2 examples included implemented by Webflow on their own website)

Hi, it’s been a while since I made a Webflow website. A lot of new features and functionalities where introduced and I was browsing the Webflow website to find out more. Upon browsing I stumbled upon two pages that have functionalities that where not possible in Webflow a few years back and I was happily surprised seeing them used in the Webflow website. I found two examples using:

  • Real-time facet filtering collections
  • Loading more collection items


Can someone confirm you can do this in Webflow without custom code? Or, am I mistaken and do you need custom code? And, if you need custom code to do this, where does Webflow explain how to do this so we can build what they built.

Thanks for helping out!

Hi Martijn,

For dynamic filtering, check out Finsweet’s CMS Filter.
It’s a free, nocode attributes-based solution for building dynamic filters in Webflow.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! These are indeed the functionalities I was looking for (and much more apparently). Your help is very much appreciated! Have a nice day!