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Can I build a Webflow Blog - but continue w/ my Adobe Muse website (until I get a chance to convert)?

I was recently told by Adobe Muse that I had to move out… so now I’m looking for a new place to rent.

Here’s my situation:

My site is made w/ Adobe Muse.
My Blog (sucks) and is hosted on Blogger
My Forum, like this forum, is

Since I have a company to run and wear EVERY FLIPPIN HAT, I just don’t have time to sit-down and create an all new Webflow website - especially since we are entering our busy season (Spring / Summer).

My question is this -

I would like to start my Webflow journey by starting w/ an all new blog. I’ve never been a fan of Blogger and I’d like re-create our Blog on Webflow - BUT, continue my Muse site & hosting w/ Adobe until Dec / Jan (my not-so-busy season).

Would it be possible to have my blog running on Webflow, but my website running on Muse (until I get a chance to rebuild it on Webflow)? My current website is over 500 pages, so rebuilding it will not be overnight (again - screw you Adobe)… so I just want to take baby-steps and just start w/ a Webflow blog, THEN build a website.

Will there be any issues setting up a blog on Webflow - and continue running my site on Adobe?

Thoughts? I appreciate any help!

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Hey @FSUAlum98, and welcome to Webflow. !

If you are ok to host your blog on webflow i don’t see any problems to do it (you can’t export CMS, CMS has to be hosted on webflow).
Is it supposed to be on the same domain ?