Can I add an accordion to a template?

Hello everyone! I’m pretty new to WebFlow and purchased a template for some help docs. In the template, it came with a built-in CMS template for all the individual help pages.

In the template, there is a standard rich text field that is used for the content. I want to add an accordion to this like is shown here; however, I’m not seeing a way to add a drop-down element in the rich text field.

Is this possible?

The other alternative I thought of was adding multiple drop-down elements to the field and ignoring them if the fields were blank.

Do either of these seem like viable solutions, or should I just ditch the CMS and build the links from scratch?

Hi @jawkneew8 - Welcome to the forum.

Rich Text fields can support custom code using embeds (limit is 10,000 characters per embed). So that is an option. Another one I suggest you look at Powerful Rich Text - Add HTML and components to Webflow Rich Text Block as you might be able to leverage it for what you want. I know I can do it with code but that’s not something I am prepared to write for a forum post.

Let us know how it turns out.

Thanks @webdev! I’ll look into this solution. Looks promising.