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Can each section have its own animation timeline? OR can keyframes be fixed?

Hi, new to Webflow.

The percentage-based animation time-line is new to me. I understand that it represents your progress on the entire page. I’ve noticed that as your page grows/changes (as you add/remove elements), it influences the animations. It becomes tedious to go back and adjust the animations after spending so much time to get the “timing” right.

Is it possible to dedicate a timeline to a section instead of the page: so each section has its own timeline from 0-100% and once 100% is reached, the next section’s/the whole page’s timeline comes into effect. This way, I’d only have to worry about the section’s size changing instead of the whole page.

Please help and also suggest simpler ways that I’m just not seeing. Thanks.

P.S. I know that not even animation software does this coz time acts like the progress on the page (obviously as the clip gets longer, you have to adjust your frames), but time is constant (so I don’t have to change the position of keyframes), whereas percentages are always inconveniently changing.