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Can Containers be arranged?

I was wondering if they can be arranged in layers as to have them overlap if needed. Is that possible?

I don’t see why not… You could apply positioning and or negative vertical margins to pull them over each other and stack them using Z-index.

If the container element doesn’t allow this… Try creating Div Blocks and positioning those. You could center them in your section using Flex and then stack with Z-Index and use positioning/ margin to move them.

Let me know if that makes sense.

Sorry, I’m a complete newb. What is Z-index and where can I find it?

Hi @WeBrandU,

Z-index allows you to change the stacking order of elements. Which when positioning is applied you can overlap stuff.

Here’s a quick article by Webflow on Z-Index.


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Greatly appreciated Austin. Thanks so much!

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Of course! Reach back out if you need any clarification :slight_smile: