Can anyone please help me with my Site-Speed?

Hello, im pretty new into the website thing and i really dont understand what is wrong with my site. it is really slow somehow on Google-Pagespeed on Mobile and i am not able to fix that problem… can anyone help me out please? i have no clue …
these are the results:

it seems that its a webflow / paypal problem which blocks my page from loading properly…

Hey Kilian,

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The first thing I would recommend trying here is to delete all unused classes in the style manager and then remove any unused animations also. These are often a major culprit in slow load times.

You could also try enabling code minifcation on your site too: Minifying HTML, CSS, and Javascript — Webflow tutorial

There’s also a handy guide on the University about site optimization that would be worth reading over: Troubleshoot website performance issues | Webflow University

If you could also share a read-only link of your site, we could take a look and see if there is anything else you could do to speed up loading time as well :raised_hands:

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ah perfect! thanks for you help! i wont change anything until you check it out, just to be safe :stuck_out_tongue: here is the link for the read-only =) Webflow - Gleitzeit Tandemfliegen

i did all the things which you told me to do and it helped just a little bit, would you be able to check if there is something else to improve? it would help alot! atm the site is password-secured though, i dont know if you can check it that way

This is looking really great. Nice work!

In terms of the design I don’t think there’s much else to tidy up to increase the load time, especially now that you’ve done a style cleanup and aren’t using many interactions.

The only other thing I think might be slowing you down is that you’re loading the JQuery library in the Head tag of your Home page. JQuery is already loaded into Webflow by default, so you don’t need to load the library manually to implement custom JQuery code in your project :relaxed:

You can see this post from Webdev/Jeff S, as well as this one from makloon for more info.

What kind of test results are coming back now? :racing_car: :dash:

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