Can anyone help with adding an extra team member to an old library?

I came in on this website project mid-project and our old developer used an old library for the Team section on our About Us page. I cannot figure out how to add an extra picture and title for a new team member to the section. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

Here is my read- only link:

Hi Emily,

The way it’s setup currently, your team section i not using the CMS, so it’s just a set of static elements. You would just copy-and-paste the elements you want.

However your site is using the CMS for other things, so I would recommend rebuilding this team section to use a team collection as well.

All the resources you need to learn how to do that are in the Webflow university courses regarding the CMS and Collection Lists. Well worth learning if you’re going to be managing your site.

Drop me a message if you need a mentor.

Yea, I figured that re-doing the teams section would probably be my best bet. Thank you!