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Can anyone help me with site performance?

how to speed up a webflow website , currently 35 on mobile
You can check it. Here is the link:

H @Waqas_Amin1 - Welcome to the forum!.
I just used Google PSI in it shows an 18. So you have some work todo. What steps have you taken to improve your sites performance? Have you followed the guidance from PSI / Lighthouse?

There are simple things you can do like optimizing images, reducing the amount of scripts, etc. I ran this PNG through squoosh and you can see the results.

There are some things you can’t change with Webflow and plenty of choices you can make that will impact performance. Knowing which is available to you takes experience and research. There are plenty of posts in this forum on the subject worth reading… just search.

Since your a site is a business and I run one too, feel free to DM me for potential collaboration.