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Can anyone give me the Tip!

I am making this website (see below)
Now my “Fixed NavBar”, must be placed above all other items during scrolling, not under!
Can anyone give me the golden Tip?

enter link description here

You mean like this?

make it position:fixed

Thanks Vincent, But no, its for this:
Its the FixedNav (black tranpsarant)
Video Sample

Its fixed…

Since it’s fixed I tought I could give you a tip you asked for ;)


increase the Z index to 1 or even higher…
I tested it with Z index 100 and it works.

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He said it’s position:fixed, not solved… hahaha jokes on you bart!

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Hi Joel, Where or how can i do that?

Blind as a fool can be! (and no html experience…
Guys, its a Fixed Fixed Navbar! :wink:

Many thanks!

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Hey Koen

Sorry for late response. Wasn’t online in the forum till now and totally forget about the post. Please excuse.
Great that it’s fixed now :wink:

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