Can anyone find out which element is overflowing resulting in horizontal bar?

Mobile view is the problem.

I’ve been trying to find the cause for hours now, and have no clue whatsoever

EDIT: Issue appears to be fixed on it’s own, still have no clue what the cause was, I even deleted all of the elements and changed body class and the issue was still there. Opening in incognito doesn’t appear to have that problem.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Startup Cookie v3.0)

Here is the live link: (

In firefox, I’ve found that HTML element, above body tag, is overflowing, but how is that even possible? How to fix it?

@markoviicaleksa - Welcome to the community. There are guidelines for posting under a topic category. The part where you share a published URL that demonstrates the problem is essential to allowing community members to diagnose the issue. Please update your post.

Not sure what you are referring to, I posted a read-only link in the main post as per the guidelines?

Let’s say I wanted to view your published URL in my browser to inspect the code, not the designer. Where would I go?

Ohh, right, I thought it was visible through a read only link, or inspectable directly through webflows designer, my bad. I will update now.

Also can you please tell me how to remove the blue pop-up telling me to set the alerts how I want, it takes up half of my screen permanently