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Can anybody help me with a Iphone navbar with many menus?

I am in the process to redesign a site with Webflow. And I have run in a problem, that the Webflow don’t allows us to have a navbar with many menus in the Iphone, - because the mobile navmenu is by default not scrollable with Webflow? ( I didn’t know that before I started this website)
Here is a move of my issue
Here is the sharelink
Here is the io site
I would be very happy for your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For the first letter problem you can add a left padding on each element of your menu.


For the long menu problem you could reduce vertical spacing between the elements on your menu, also with the same tool.

Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But this is only a part of my question.
I have to have a navbar with may menus on a Iphone, and that is not possible as it is now. So how do I do that, so it can be scrollable? As the default mobile menu is not scrollable on Webflow?

You can create your own menu and not use the one that comes with webflow. You create a button and when you click it a div block appears with a menu you put in it, and then put everything inside.

Have you tried to put the overflow in scroll for the menu?

I would not recommend a scrolling menu on mobile, not a very good UX in general.

Hi again !
I have no idea what to do? Just been told that Webflow can’t have many menus on a navbar on Iphone. I don’t know UX?
So how do I do this navbar on Iphone. Is there any video tutorial ? It seems strange that Webflow does not allow an Iphone navbar with many menu items

Did you try to set Nav Menu to overflow sroll yet?

Sorry, No. I have not. Don’t know overflow ( I have to watch a video of overflow)
But is ther no tutorials about this kind of navbar on Iphone with many menus?

Just go to you mobile view, select the div: Nav Menu and in your style panel you select Overflow:Scroll, see Screenshot above.

Thanks jensvahle. But when I set overflow to scroll, I got this gap?

I have tried to to use Space, but it don’t work to this?? So what to do?

Several of the websites I have to redesign have a lot of menus on the Iphone navbar.
Is there no tutorial for this? I have a big problem :disappointed_relieved:
I didn’t know it was so difficult only to do a navbar in an iphone?

Please try to explain your problem.

Do you want 1 or more than one menus?

What do you mean by “a lot of menus”?

Hi @neanea6060

I answered the ticket as well.

Here’s the project I made for you

And here’s a preview to see how I did it:

Hope this is helpful and that you can take your project forward.

Kind regards,

Jörn :sweden:

@neanea6060 I think this is the solution for your problem:

Hi Jensvahle! Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have tried to do as your link. But I don’t get the same result, because in my “navigator” it is not built in the same way. So I have no idea what to do? Here’s my sharelink. I don’t know if you get this problem solved by the guidance from the link you sent?? I look forward to hearing from you again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: