Can any be shape be a button?

I want to make a button in a shape of a rock that integrates better with the web landscape than the rectangle rounded buttons. Can I make anything a button? Can a image be a button?

You can use the link block to make divs that act like a button and in theory you can give a button any background so also a image of a rock. Shape of the button will be rectangle but if you remove the border that doesnt matter.

@Joscreative Awesome, thanks for this, I will start experimenting with that :D.

Hi @Aimanisms, you can also turn a div into a circle by setting a 50% corner radius to the div element, and give that element an overflow set to hidden. That is another thing you can play with :slight_smile: Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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exactly what I was looking for… thanks :eyeglasses:

This worked really well BUT how do you prevent the circle from collapsing around the text though and turning the button into an oval?