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Can an animation been start / stop / resume by several buttons?

Hello a question about animation:

I would like to make a little game into the website: to start / stop / resume / restart
an animation of minions…

perspective view:
I couldn’t find the best solution yet (red buttons does not work)

horizontal view:
start/stop/resume button = 1 button => need to be separated for children.
again: does almost do what it needs to do: but the minions go to far back and come very fast back…

anyone with an idea?

Thanks to help me

Hi! What you describe is a scripted animation, it’s more complex than what Webflow IX2 offers. More complex in terms of how you can manage IX together and be able to pause them. There’s no notion of pause in Webflow IX. At best you’ll be able to craft a step by step IX that you can control with buttons, but you’ll have to be very creative and move hotspots around to approach what you’re after.

I’d recommend using another program for just your complex animation, then integrate it into Webflow. Your anim seems to be a perfect candidate for Tumult Hype 3 or Pro. It requires a bit of coding skills and/or a bit of knowledge on how animation softwares work. It’s a bit like Flash, in term of the timeline and actions.

I foudt something on W3schools

This should be possible into webflow also… isn’t it… who can make this working for me?

Thanks Vincent to help