Can a symbol appear differently on when applied to different pages?

I have a line of text within a Nav symbol. On the home page it appears above a photo; on other pages it appears above a white background.

Can I utilize inheritance to change the colour of this text block in different contexts? Giving the home page a class of .home, for example.

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Good day. I have another example of this in a different context.

I have a collection list that displays a set of sponsors, filtered by only the featured ones. I then duplicate that list, and display only remaining sponsors. Both collection lists are virtually identical, and so are using the same classes.

Each sponsor has a class of .sponsor:

collection list wrapper (.sponsor-list)
link (.sponsor)

The only difference between two tiers is that the first set of sponsors needs to appear larger. If I was coding this page myself, I would give the first set a new class (.large) and create a class of .large .sponsor-wrapper img to make those ones larger.

I don’t understand how to target that inherited class using Webflow. It’s probably really obvious, but I am missing it!

I realized that the solution is adding custom code. :slight_smile: