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Can a member have their own members? CMS?

I am working with online personal trainers (PT’s) by developing a ‘check-in’ system. The PT’s have their own clients who will ‘check-in’ on the PT’s dashboard every month.

  • I have members signed up for my ‘check-in’ product (50 members)
  • The PT’s want their clients to sign up on a membership to their offers (Often between 50-100 members).
  • The clients need to be able to log in and ‘check-in’ with their PT every month and view.

Is this two-tier membership model achievable in webflow? Any recommendations?

Hello @beckybirch,

Membership accounts are not achievable in webflow, at least not yet, they mentioned last year that they were working on it. The good news are that you can add memberships to your Webflow sites via Memberstack. I would suggest just to have one tier of memberships though, for clients, because each personal trainer could be a variant of the client membership, does that make sense? I hope this helps.

Hey @Pablo_Cortes

Ok no problem, I have looked into memberstack but it quickly becomes very complicated with various tech stacks. I’m not 100% sure what you mean by each personal trainer could be a variant? Please could you explain this a little further.

I want to only do one membership for my side of things but, the PT’s want to sign their clients up onto a membership too so, it’s just trying to bring both of those together into one dashboard system.

Hey @beckybirch,

Memberstack could be a little complicated at first, but once you get to experience how it works it makes sense. Also, there are people that work for Memberstack in the forum and they are very helpful, they can guide you on every step of the way.
So to illustrate what I am talking about lets look at what an actual gym does. The gym offers memberships to clients right? then the client picks from a list of PTs. In the same way in your site, clients will get a membership and one of the options of the membership is a list of PTs. So PTs don’t need a membership they could just be a CMS collection of PTs. And so each PT can have its CMS page with information about what member signed up for their services. I know it is confusing, I think if you reach out to Memberstack they will guide you through all the options for your specific scenario.

Hey Becky!

Gonna try and build off of what @Pablo_Cortes said…

Think about a streaming service such as Hulu. Within that subscription service, you have different plan tiers, (Free-with Ads, No-Ads, etc.). So how would this apply to your situation?

Well, you could create your main subscription, and then have different “tiers” that are each of the Personal Trainers. This would allow you to set different parameters (such as Services Offered) for each of the PTs.

Correct me if I am wrong, @Pablo_Cortes, but I think this is what you were getting at?

Hope this helps, @beckybirch! :slight_smile:

Yes exactly @TylerCourts,

I guess the main point I want to explain to @beckybirch is that the membership is applied to the person paying for the service, the service is provided by the PTs, and both can have their own dashboard, the difference is that one is a member dashboard, from Memberstack, and the other one is just a CMS page that acts as a dashboard and has dynamic data.

This is super helpful guys thanks so much! I understand this now.

One last question — the personal trainers have one or two offers for example 12 week transformation and online coaching. Would we handle those memberships or keep that between the PT & the client?

Sorry if I’m complicating things it’s really helpful to get expert ideas on it :slight_smile:

Hello @beckybirch,

You can handle that on the membership, because those would be paid services, anything that requires taking a payment has to be handled by the membership. I hope this helps.

Does it solved your issues?