Can a horizontal scrolling interaction be suspended with a click or hover?

Hello fellow Webflowers,
I’ve got a help request, draft page is below :arrow_down:.
Looking for someone with advanced skills…
Here’s what I’d like to achieve:
When clicking on the blue bar at the bottom of each issue box, I’d like the horizontal scrolling to freeze and the vertical scrolling to take over.
This way the user would get to the ‘Get in touch’ section directly without having to see the issue track scrolling until its end.
I wouldn’t mind a delay (I know that the whole page height would still need to be scrolled).
Is this achievable with custom code?
I’ve tried to ‘suspend’ the horizontal scrolling interaction by removing the class to which it is associated (with finsweet class adder/remover) but contrary to what I expected the horizontal scrolling stays.
Also adding classes to override styles the horizontal scrolling depends on doesn’t seem to deactivate the latter.
Let me know if you know of a way to achieve this.
Thank you!

read-only link :[…]722a0224a2&pageId=6143cad5cb92e3865d9d0044&workflow=preview

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