Can a client change access groups?

Hello I’m looking for a solution on this problem.

The page I’m working on has user accounts activated with two access groups.
I’m asking if there’s a way to change the access groups of the users without the need of being in the designer. Looking into the client’s editor, I cannot find the user settings.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

Hi Nguyen, you can do it through the Webflow API
Unfortunately there are no systems built in to Webflow to manage that except through the designer.

When managing users is a common issue, I usually build out a custom admin console for clients. You might also look at Whalesync or PowerImporter pro, which I remember were working on user-sync features with Airtable. That would give your clients a nice UX but would involve a monthly cost.

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Thank you for the helpful input. I will look into it :]

Can you please elaborate on how to create a custom admin console for the client?

Hi Nguyen, there is too much detail and too many approaches to elaborate.
If you’re interested in having a solution built you can click my name to message me for details.

The basics aren’t too difficult- Webflow API, plus a database, plus serverless functions or automation webhooks, and an administrative UX which you wire together using Javascript. The trickier part is making certain it’s secure but accessible to your clients, and it’s stable without adding unnecessary monthly costs.

I prefer custom coded solutions because they tend to be much more performant and much cheaper to host - but you can search up some options like Nocode API if you want to build it yourself.

Based on the questions you’re asking I’m assuming you’re not a developer, what did you find with the Airtable + Whalesync approach?