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Can a active tab link be display=none?


Is there a way to disable the display of a tab link when selected?
I got a complex tab structure but I need to display=none the selected tab as it doesn’t fit in the structure.

When I put it to display=none through Interactions it’s still visible and it doesn’t work. Is there a work-around?

Opacity doesnt work as it’s inside a display=flex, therefore it would destroy the balance.

Thank you :smiley:

Here is my public share link:

Hey @Tim_Leon_Cruse,

Did you get this sorted?

If not, can you re-share your ‘Read-Only’ link, as the current one is not working correctly.


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Yes, I did! I had to display=None it right from the start and only turn it on when clicking on the right area. That worked.

I had to rebuild it though as hide/show leads to glitches