Camelia Template / Change Hero Video into Image

Hi guys,

just can’t do it.

I bought the Camelia Template and want to insert a photo at the top of the Hero Section instead of the video. I want to keep the “Scroll into view” effect.

But no matter where I insert a photo, it always messes up the design.

I appreciate any help!

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You need to

  • click on Section hero
  • go to interaction called preloader
  • edit it
  • and change the targets from video to image :slight_smile:

that effect is happening, because some transition are triggered within the video element, if you just replace the image, than nothing happens, because it was setup to happen just for the video, but if you remove the interaction happening for video, and you do the exactly the same for the image it should work :slight_smile:

good luck

Thank you very very much! It works now :slight_smile: