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Calling Pop-up after Form submission

Hello Guys,

I need help regarding calling a pop-up after from is submitted.
Once the Email is entered and Submit button is clicked, I need a pop-up to come with some more information and functionality like this

I have already applied another pop-up here by clicking a button but cant find a way to do the same with form submission button.

Please advice. Thanks

Hi @vishrtk, you may want to try styling your form’s success message. Here is a small demo showing how you can achieve what you described:

Page Title: Popup Form Message

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks it helped. I tried doing the same earlier but was missing a small thing. I had to increase the Z-index value.

Is there a way to add a close button to the success message modal type thing?

I added the close button and linked it with the home page of the website. Its a way around but it works though.

Hi @thewonglv
After I add the elements in Success message, after some time the individual layers are not available. Somehow they are getting merged and I am not able to access them to make changes.

Any suggestions?


Yeah, i thought about that but I’d really prefer for the close to just take you back to where you were.

Yeah, I am still looking for that. Let me know if you solve this. Maybe the Webflow staff will provide their assistance meanwhile.

The only other option is to make the close button an interaction to hide the success wrapper.

Yeah I think so as well. Is it happening at your side that all the layers you put in success messages are merging automatically after some time? I am not able to access the individual layers in success message to make the changes.

Use the navigator pane. You can access any layers that way

Have you tried adding your page’s URL to the link settings field? This may take you to the same page on refresh. Let me know if this helps you achieve the effect you’re looking for.

Hi @vishrtk, by “layers” do you mean “elements”?