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Calling All Freelance Designers!

I’m pumped to share that I’ve been working closely with the B12 team over the last few months and we are looking for more stellar designers & copywriters to work with us! I’ve personally had a blast working with the B12 team; I’ve found it to be an encouraging, creative first, set-your-own pace environment.

If you are interested in applying you can learn more at or apply directly here.

B12 is looking for more webflow designers (remote accepted) to work with our team!
Web designers at B12:

  • Read and interpret client briefs. Our current clients are small and medium-sized businesses ranging from cafés to real estate investment firms.

  • Given the wireframes and content strategy described in the client brief, design and build an elegant and responsive web presence for our client using webflow.

  • As a fast-growing platform there will be adjacent opportunities as art directors and mentors for the right candidates who wish to grow with us.

In our experience with past clients, designers spend several hours on each project, with iterative feedback from our design lead. You might intersperse multiple clients’ project delivery while waiting on design feedback from the client and our design lead.

About B12
We are a startup based in NYC that is passionate about improving how people do creative and analytical work. We have a strong team of engineers and designers who have worked extensively on systems that help people work productively online.

Beyond focusing on profit, we believe that the products and experiences we design should be considerate of their greater social context and impact. To stay true to these values, we open sourced a technology called Orchestra and are in the process of becoming a B-certified corporation. Learn more about us at


This sounds like a great opportunity. I’ve been a freelance Webflow designer for a little over a year now, and would love to work on some projects that are more collaborative in nature. I will make sure to complete an application this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the interest @craigleren - We’re looking forward to it! :grinning:

May I ask what the age restrictions are. I’m 16 years old so just wanted to know…:wink:

Hi Vlad, thanks so much for your interest! I work on the B12 team and I encourage you to apply for the position. :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for the info! :wink::grinning::blush:

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Just a question, are you guys only looking for one freelancer, or more than one? Just interested…:wink::+1:

Sounds like a nice opportunity. I’m down… Will apply.

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@VLADinSACRAMENTO We’re definitely open to more than one :wink:

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@trevorabram Thanks Trevor! Looking forward to it.

Will apply. Sounds like an awesome team!

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@DharmaNode Fantastic! An awesome team indeed… though I’m a bit biased :innocent:

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Sounds interesting. What is the offer, pay rate, etc.? Thanks.

The position, hours, and terms are partially variable and can be discussed further upon applying (and are laid out on the website). I’m sure @meredith would be happy to also give you some further details in a PM if you prefer!

We’re still actively looking for more stellar Webflow Designers!
A huge thanks to everyone in the community who has reached out here and applied.
If you are interested in applying you can still learn more at or apply directly here.

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Does the site is made with Webflow?
I love the animations for the “Evaluation” and “Join the team” sections :slight_smile:

Sounds intriguing! Have just applied.

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@Blaise_Posmyouck Yes the site is fully made in Webflow along with the animations :slight_smile: Glad you like them!

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I feel like too much of a Webflow noob at this point but what the heck.

@aegnorkeil Haha by all means! Looking forward to it :smile: