Call Zapier on page load

Zapier has integrations with Webflow form, how can I call Zapier on page load without any user action?

@thellimist - what do you mean by call Zapier? Zapier is an automation tool that is typically triggered off an event occuring, like a form submission in Webflow. What would you be looking to do on page load?

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When page X loads, I need to do automation Y. The problem is having the trigger of page X loads.

Webflow forms has Zapier integration however, I couldn’t figure out how to submit a form on Page Load.

@thellimist you could use a Zapier webhook that you call on page load using a function in JavaScript. Maybe just something like:

  $(function() {
      type: 'POST',
      url: '',
      data: { page: 'loaded' },
      success: function(){

You’ll have to replace the url with your Zapier webhook url, and if you need to send any sort of data along with the request you can build that statically in the data setting or pull something from the page to make it more dynamic.

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Yea you can put an event listener on the button you want to fire the trigger, then an event like the one above but calling a Zapier webhook. If you know JavaScript just a little, a lot of doors open in Webflow!