Call unique collection items per collection pages

Hi, I am struggling to accomplish this and not finding any answer so taking my chance here.

  1. I have a collection page that displays a list of contacts inside a table
  2. I have below the table a collection section that points to 3 other lists

I have more than 50 lists. How do I do to have 3 unique collection items on each collection pages?
Right now the items are the same on each pages. There are no categories so I can’t point to the current category.

Page 1 → display list 1, 2,3
Page 2 → display list 4, 5, 6

Thank you in advance

The details of your implementation depend entirely on your data, navigation, and what you’re trying to achieve. But based on what you’ve given, here’s one approach;

CMS Collection #1 - ContactsList
CMS Collection #2 - Contacts

#1 fields include-

  • Contacts - multiref to Contacts, to list the contacts ( this is one approach )
  • Related List 1 - single ref to ContactsList
  • Related List 2 - single ref to ContactsList
  • Related List 3 - single ref to ContactsList

Your ContactsList page then includes a collection list bound to the Contacts multiref that forms your table.

Below that, three link blocks that identify and provide navigation to your other lists.

Thank you Michael!

So in my case contact list 1 is the table where I call name, url, address etc. from a cms collection.
List 1, 2, 3, are redirecting to other contact list template page.

But I have 100 lists and they all display the same 3 lists in the “other section” (3 first one of the collection list). I can’t manage to have each template page displaying 3 different lists from the 100 available.
I tried to add a ranking field and added a number to each list. Then I wanted to sort the suggested lists by ranking “greater than current list ranking” but it’s not possible to filter by a current field… Like that each page would have reference 3 lists that have a ranking greater than the current ranking and I would have covered the entire list.

It’s for SEO purpose each list of the 100 should redirect to 3 different lists. And it should always be the same for each lists.

Let me know if I am not clear enough.

Redirects are not a thing here- you just use Reference fields to each of the 3 other lists you want.
Add those 3 fields and set the 3 related lists you want.

In your collection page you simply bind each of your 3 related lists using those 3 fields you’ve created.

That’s a different design from what you’ve described above and involves a very different approach that will require some javascript dev. In designs like this you need to choose a direction before building it.

Yes aligned with you my approach is not optimized I am lacking technical/dev knowledge so this why I am exploring different options on the go. I can manage JS/Jquery but I don’t write it so I am limited :slight_smile:
The reference bind mentioned could work indeed but does it mean I would have to do it manually for the 100 list?

Yes. With those 3 referenced lists you have for each list, you can;

  1. Explicitly set them using Ref fields or a MultiRef field.
  2. Have them randomly picked from the set of all possible lists ( but they will change every 12 hours )
  3. Build a custom script-based filtering solution that will show just the ones you want, relative to the current item.

Option 1 should not be that difficult to implement, and if you’re good with spreadsheets, you should be able to export your lists, update those references in the spreadsheet, and then import/update those changes specifically.